Sevilla TIV Education Center


This project includes building and beginning a private school from Early Childhood to College Preparation (0 to 18 years) which will enroll up to 450 students. This educational center will be a non-profit center and each phase of the building project will provide for one of the phases of the Spanish education system.  All of the profits will be reinvested into improving the school itself, scholarships for children with economic needs, and other projects of the Foundation.  The center includes outdoor landscaping areas for planting and gardening, an auditorium for special events, the Research and Development Center for Educational Technologies and extra classrooms for various extracurricular programs.




This pioneer project will be the first fully accredited evangelical school in Andalusia, southern Spain, since the time of the Republic (19.... año????).  Its Christian ideology will insure a solid education in values and academic excellence.  Add to that the emphasis in technology and languages and the varied community outreach projects and it becomes one of the most complete educational and social projects being developed.  Some of its unique characteristics include:


  • Evangelical christian ideology
  • Academic excellence
  • Non-profit organization
  • Advanced technology not only in the classroom learning but also in e-learning
  • Emphasis on values with a special focus on youth and families
  • Cooperation with Universities and other investigation teams.
  • Development of own teaching materials.
  • Integration of special needs students: hearing impaired, inmigrants and students with other types of learning development needs




This school will be built on 2 acres (8000 m2) of beautiful treed land that was granted July 2010 by the city government of Dos Hermanas (the Excmo, Ayto. de Dos Hermanas).  It is situated in a residential neighborhood just outside of Sevila, on a hill near the Ciudad del Conocimiento, the Grand Racetrack of Andalucia, the University of Pablo de Olavide and other interesting places.  The metro stop just 2 blocks from the property as well as the easy access to the highway will facilitate the participation of students from all areas of Sevilla and its surrounding towns.


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At Ayudando a Crecer, we believe that an educational center should be multipurpose, simple, and practical. This is especially necessary in an educational center with the TIV concentrations because of its international dynamic, technological enphasis, and social outreach, which demand quality facilities that are practical and well developed.  These priniciples for design have become the requirements for designing the optimum building of which the most important are:


  • Preservation of the original trees and planning for space for planting and gardening.
  • The optimization of the use of energy and of care for the environment.
  • Provision of classrooms independent from the rest of the school in order to provide workshops, training, and other types of conferences.
  • Fully accesible and usable facilities.
  • Classrooms built, furnished and decorated according to their use (science, languages, literature, math, art, etc.)
  • Facilities planned so as to comply with anti-bullying recommendations.
  • The implementation of diverse technology throughout the facilities.


The resulting building will be designed with the ideal places for the educational activities planned as well as for the external services (the Center for Investigation and Development of Technology for Education, art and music academies, and other extracurricular and environmentally friendly activities.


Projected Calendar


The TIV Center is an ambitious and complex project due to factors such as its elevated investment, its high level of educationally technological innovation as well as the long periods necessary for consolidating any educational center in general.  These difficulties make it necessary to develop this project in phases, beginning with the nursury school and continuing to develop each level progressively.  These stages will occur progressivly through the various levels of education with the idea of guaranteeing that those enrolled in first phase will be able to continue their education in the same school until they graduate.